This is what’s up:

So, hey. 

This is going to be the fourth blog I’ve created, but the first one about food. Yay food!

Fact: I only started cooking this summer. Edible things, at least.

I also started to track calories, starting from about the time I realized that downing five cookies as an appetizer for my 2 a.m. snack was a bad life choice. My metabolism hates cookies. This is why I try not to cook with oil or sugar or butter. At all.

Anyway, this is going to be a no-frills food blog which I intend to use as an excuse for taking food pictures and in which I will document my culinary experiment-adventures. I’m going to write recipes down whether I think the results are amazing or not, but I’ll tell you if they are(n’t).

Things to expect:

simple instructions, accessible ingredients, candid pictures, my opinions

Things not to expect:

flowery language, skill requirements, shits given about your fee-fees

Cool? Cool.