Pumpkin Goop

Now combine the two words together. Ha.

+ 0.25 cup rolled oats
+ 0.5 cup water
+ 0.25 cup almond milk
+ 0.5 cup pumpkin puree
+ 3 tsp sugar or sweetener equivalent
+ 0.25 tsp vanilla extract
+ Pumpkin spice
+ Cinnamon
1. Pour oats, water, sweetener into a ceramic bowl, microwave for ~ 3 mins
2. Stir in almond milk of choice, microwave for ~ 1 min
3. Stir in pumpkin puree, microwave for 30 sec
4. Add vanilla extract, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon*, mix.

Calories: 220 per serving for 1 serving

* As much as you desire. Or other spices too.

Hot breakfast or lunch or snack! And it takes like five minutes. You’re welcome. There’s no photo to accompany this one because I also ate it in five minutes.